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The Sparx Sharpener Closes In On 1K Deliveries

[UPDATE] We're there, folks. Over 1000 Sparx Skate Sharpeners have been delivered all across North America! And we're just getting started! A funny thing happened while we've had our heads down, focused on fulfilling the orders of our early adopters and loyal customers, nearly 1000 sharpeners were shipped...and we're still catching up! From traditional hockey hotbeds like Massachusetts and Minnesota to the less obvious New Mexico, Hawaii, SoFlo, Alabama & Louisiana; North America is becoming enveloped in the Warm Red C of Sparx Hockey. From backyard rinks to big league arenas, the Spar...Read more

Sparx Packaging Coming Together

This morning, we received units from our Pilot Production run and we got a firsthand look at what our customers will see landing on their doorsteps! Pretty much the entire planet recognizes that unique smile found on boxes from Amazon. Our plan is for pretty much every hockey-playing family to recognize the "Sparx red" box that will contain the solution to all their skate sharpening woes. This is the first shipment of pre-production sharpeners we've received that used this box.  Check it out.  Read more

NWHL Boston Pride Sharpening Up With Sparx

Nearly one year ago, a press conference was held in NYC to announce the launch of the NWHL. Since then, as a Boston-based company, we've been looking forward to this opportunity. We are proud and excited to have the Boston Pride sharpening their skates with the Sparx™ Skate Sharpener. The roster for the Pride includes top female hockey players from across the nation, many from right here in Massachusetts. Hailing from powerhouse schools like Boston College, Minnesota and Wisconsin, these women were leaders and top performers during their college careers. Many are Olympians or Olympic hopef...Read more