2016 Holiday Shipping

What you need to know

We are now shipping most Sparx Sharpener orders within 1-2 weeks (and that time frame is shrinking)

How you can get the fastest shipping time

Choose your Grinding Ring wisely- We have stocked up on the most common Grinding Ring sizes. Most skate shops sharpen with a 1/2" radius so we've got plenty of those. If we have the rings on hand, your sharpener will get out the door faster.

Hold off on the additional rings & accessories for now. If you order additional rings or accessories and we do not have them in stock, your order will be held until we have everything.

What this means

There is still plenty of time for Christmas delivery for most of you. If you live in a location that typically has longer delivery times (e.g. AK, HI, rural Canada) it will be tough, but know we will be shipping everything out ASAP.