Affilate Tips and Best Practices

Tips for Increasing your Affiliate Income

Ensure Proper Credit of Sale


  1. Referral Link: Make sure every link to Sparx uses your Refersion referral link
    1. Copy and Paste Text Links (example:
    2. Embed Sparx Images and Logo (see instructions here)
  2. $25 Coupon Code
    1. Log into Refersion and copy your coupon code to your communications
    2. Print/Stamp coupon code at events to hand out to potential buyers
  3. Include the link and code in all communication to your network (Note: a sale will be credited to you if the buyer uses your referral link OR your coupon code)

Market Machine to your Network

  1. Endorse Machine: 
    1. Post endorsement with Refersion Link and Coupon Code to your network through your website, social media and email
    2. Chat with your network at hockey events
    3. Send individual email with refersion link and coupon from mobile device
    4. Stamp code on card for potential buyer to take with them
    5. Attend Events
    6. Hockey Trade Shows
    7. High Profile Games
    8. Sparx may refer events and Sparx retains right of first refusal of attendance
    9. Message: 
    10. Consistent Pro Level Results: Radius of Hollow, Even and Sharp Edges and a Smooth Finish. Anywhere, Anybody, Anytime. 
    11. Help your Hockey Community:
    12. Players: Improve Performance
    13. Always on consistent pro level sharpening = Confidence
    14. Families: Save Time and Money
  2. Demonstrate Machine: 
      1. Consumer Demonstrations:
        1. Why:
        2. Show customers the sharpening results and familiarize them with product.
        3. Add a level of customer interaction to enhance event for organizer and attendees (benefit to event organizer)
        4. Bring a tablet with your refersion link open to shopping page
        5. Use 8.5” acrylic sign holders to advertise
        6. $899 Price 
        7. $25 Coupon Code
        8. Send Pre and Post Event follow up emails
        9. Optional: Charge nominal amount to offset ring costs ($2 per sharpening suggested)
        10. Sparx may refer demos and Sparx retains right of first refusal of attendance
        11. Who:
        12. Local Hockey Organizations
        13. Contact Director of Hockey Operations or President
        14. Schedule demo during an event or practice day attended by numerous teams
        15. Tournaments
        16. Contact Rink
        17. Will they allow you to attend tournament and sharpen skates?
        18. If no due to Pro Shop, then offer:
        19. Pay at Pro Shop, Sharpen at Sparx Booth with receipt of payment
        20. Added Benefit to Pro Shop: At a busy tournament this will increase their productivity and revenue
        21. If no due to Tournament Management
        22. Inquire with Tournament Management
        23. Some tournaments charge a booth fee
        24. Camps 
        25. Contact Camp Director
        26. Private Sharpening Parties/Events
        27. Similar to a “Tupperware Party”
      2. Team Demonstrations: 
        1. High-level teams may decide to purchase for their team
        2. Target High School and up
        3. Contact Equipment Manager
        4. Sell “Team Starter Kit” and receive elevated commission rate: $75
      3. Commercial Skate Sharpening Venues: Pro Shops and Retail Stores
        1. Benefits to Commercial Venues
        2. Consistent Results with any Employee
        3. No formal training necessary
        4. Increase your productivity with multiple machines and save on Labor Costs
        5. 2 machines = 1 employee @ 2x the productivity
        6. Typical Commercial Users:
        7. Capacity Issues: Supplement existing manual sharpening
        8. Consistency Issues: Replace existing manual sharpening
        9. Increase Productivity and Revenue: Replace existing manual sharpening
        10. New Location
        11. Contact Pro Shop or Store Owner or Manager
        12. Sell “Commercial Starter Kit” and receive elevated commission rate: $150
  3. Additional Tips
    1. Create a landing page for your mobile device to collect emails for follow up purposes
      1. Instapage makes it easy:
      2. Landing Page Explained:
      3. Example: