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About Sparx


Our patented alignment system provides the most accurate skate sharpening you'll get anywhere. Period.


Sharpen your skates easily, safely, and cleanly in 3 simple steps. Spend less time sharpening, and more time skating.


Have you ever needed a sharpening when the shop wasn't open, your favorite guy wasn't working, or there were a half-dozen pairs of skates ahead of you? With Sparx, sharpen on your time.


Every SparxTM grinding ring will last the average user 60 skate pair sharpenings.

Coach Jeremy Rupke - How To Hockey

“After owning this machine for over a year I can vow to its consistency and quality. I'm very active online as well and have yet to hear a dissatisfied owner. When I got the machine I thought the best part would be the ability to sharpen my skates when I NEEDED them to be sharpened (I usually would forget a couple times) and the convenience of walking out to the garage and getting my skates sharpened. In my opinion, the quality is on par with good skate sharpening shop, while the consistency is superior.”