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Loading A Hockey Skate (player)

1 Load the Skate

Press and hold down the Clamp Lever to open the Skate Clamp. With the skate toe pointing left and the laces tucked into the skate, set the skate into the Skate Clamp slot letting the plastic blade holder rest on top of the clamps. Center the skate blade in the Skate Clamps. Release the Clamp Lever.


2 Close the Protective Slot Covers

Move each Protective Slot Cover (A) in toward the
skate until they touch the blade holder and the Safety
(B) extinguish.


Adjusting the Grinding
Ring Height

  To watch the video online, visit sparxhockey.com/ringheight.


For every pair of skates sharpened, you must adjust the height of the  Grinding Ring. We will first introduce a few new concepts and then move into the actual adjustment.

We want to first define an intersection zone, where the vertical face of the blade (B) meets the nearly horizontal face of the blade (C). This zone can be a curved section of blade like that shown in this figure or in some cases, it can be a point where surfaces (B) and (C) meet.


When the intersection zone is a curved surface (as shown above) the Grinding Ring can safely initially contact the blade anywhere in this region. When the intersection zone is a point, the first contact between the Grinding Ring and the blade should be just below this point.


1 Initiate Move Mode

Press the μ Move button on the Keypad. This will set the Grinding Ring into Move Mode and allow you to control
its movement.


2 Move the Carriage Into Position

Using the λ Left and ρ Right buttons on the keypad, move the Grinding Ring to the left until it almost touches the heel of the skate blade.



3 Inspect the Contact Point

Use the λ Left and ρ Right Buttons to touch the Grinding Ring to the skate blade. Inspect its contact point and be sure it is in the desired position. In the graphic below you will see an example of a contact point that is too high (B) and too low (C). A Grinding Ring contacting in the right zone is shown below as A. If the Grinding Ring is not in a desired position, follow step 4. If the Grinding Ring is in a desired position, skip to step 6.




If the Grinding Rings skips when it first makes contact with the blade, the Grinding Ring’s height is too high. When properly set, the Grinding Ring should make a smooth transition onto the skate blade


4 Adjust the Grinding Ring Height

Open the Glass Door. Using the red η Height Adjustment Knob, turn left to raise the height or right to lower the height until the Grinding Ring is at the desired height. The knob is labeled 1-8, with 8 being the highest setting for the Grinding Ring and 1 being the lowest setting.


5 Inspect the Contact Point

Close the Glass Door. Once the Glass Door has been closed, using the λ Left and ρ Right buttons, touch the Grinding Ring to the skate blade. Inspect its contact point and be sure it is in its desired position.


6 End Move Mode

Press the μ Move button again to send the Grinding Ring back to its home position.

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