Frequently Asked Questions

Skate Sharpener

  1. I just ordered my Sparx Sharpener, when will I receive my order?

    We are currently processing orders in 1-3 days.

  2. Will you be shipping outside of the US & Canada?

    Not at this moment. There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is that we want to make sure any potential servicing can be easily provided. So, while we are eager to ship around the world we are currently only shipping within the U.S. and to Canada.

  3. When will you be shipping outside of the US and Canada?

    While we cannot offer a specific date or time frame, expanding shipping beyond the U.S. and Canada is something we are eager and excited to do. We will be communicating our plans as they take form. Join our email list or follow us on social media to ensure you always have the latest information.

  4. Does the Sparx Sharpener profile skates?

    The Sparx Sharpener will not contour the profile of the blade. But, unlike traditional manual sharpening which alters the profile after 15-20 sharpenings, the Sparx Sharpener will hold the skate profile throughout the life of the steel thanks to the consistent RPM, Speed, and Pressure applied by our Grinding Rings. 

  5. What comes with the Sparx Sharpener?

    The Sparx Sharpener comes with everything you need to get sharpening. It includes a Grinding Ring of your choice, youth skate adapters, goalie risers, a medium grit honing stone, and a leather strop.

  6. When I'm sharpening, should I have the toe pointing left or right?

    Both ways will work. However, some people prefer to have a higher contact point on the toe of their skate, so we recommend facing the skate toe to the right to ensure the contact point is getting high enough on the toe. Either way, the finish will be smooth and this won't affect performance.

  7. How many passes should I choose when sharpening?

    If you are freshening up your blades after every skate, 1-2 cycles will usually be enough. If you’re sharpening your skates after every 5-6 hours of ice time, you’ll typically want to run 4 cycles. If you’re changing your radius or have new steel, you will need about 10 cycles.

  8. Can I use the Sparx Sharpener in cold weather?

    We recommend the sharpener be used in temperatures above 40 degrees F for optimal performance.

  9. Can I travel with my Sparx Sharpener?

    Yes. Portability is one of the best features of the Sparx Sharpener.We recommend that you use our travel case for transporting your Sparx, but if you don’t have a travel case, we recommend transporting it in the original packaging.

  10. Can you sharpen goalie skates?

    Yes. If your goalie skate has a cowling, you would use the goalie risers that are included with the purchase of your sharpener. If you have a cowling-less goal skate, you would sharpen your goal skates like any other pair of skates.  

  11. Can you sharpen figure skates?

    Yes. We offer a figure skate adapter for $99. With the figure skate adapter in place, Sparx can sharpen most traditional, flat-sided blades. Sparx is not compatible with the multiple-piece blades often used in competitive skating.